Saturday, 16 June 2012

Today- is NOW

Saturday... the start of another weekend.

End of week 24 of the calendar year. Here in the Netherlands ( and possibly elsewhere) many organisations and businesses work in terms of week numbers. Not dates. I had to really get used to that. At school too. Now, I only know which week it is because it says so on my calendar.

I wonder actually how it would be not to have a calendar, or diary for that matter. Could we still live like that? Are we game to let all that pre-planning go....? Is it, in this wondrous world of ours, possible to live each day as it comes? Accepting the situation at hand and make the most of our days in this manner.

I did have a year in which I planned no further than two weeks in advance. It was quite hard really.. at first. I was determined to keep it up a whole year. Yes, there were moments when I didn't adhere too strictly - but it did make me VERY aware of how we get caught up in the
futuristic living towards - and loose some of the joys of the here and now. Try making an appointment with a friend or friends to share time ( impromptu).

Two scenarios. It is mid May and the weather is improving after a long cold and dark winter-

  • a. "When shall we have a bbq people? When suits?" and everyone dives into their diaries... and it appears it is well into Autumn before ALL are available on the same date
  • b. " We are having a BBQ on the 20th June... how many of you can make it"? and once again all dive into the diaries - and only a handful are available, the BBQ is a great success - with a small group there is more scope to talk to each other.

Now, no diary:

  • a. " right, day after tomorrow we are BBqing - who-ever wants to join us, Feel free to do so." Everyone nods. That evening the garden is jam packed with friends all sharing time, energy and friendship. MMmmm... would it really work like that?

I also plan. And I love the preparations. Before an impending holiday it is fun to prepare, I have the house well organised, I look forward to the trip, I take care to pack what I think I might need. The day of departure as already been topic of discussion..... planning is part of the fun. Last year I planned an Garden Party.... had weeks of fun doing so!

I think what I loose sight of sometimes ( and I am jolly sure I am not alone) is that in wanting to 'do' everything we over book our lives and ourselves. Maybe that's the answer, it might all be fun - but so is just ' being' and enjoying what IS and to not always to assume that what is to come will bring even MORE joy!

Enjoy the NOW!

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