Sunday, 17 June 2012

Honour your father and your mother

Last Tuesday evening Arie my brother- in- law, Leen and I decided it might be cool to take pa away for an overnight stay this weekend.

Planning on the short term. Weather looked promising, we felt pa could do with the attention and 'spoil me' content so without much ado we got sorted. Thursday Leen booked two rooms at a hotel, in a historic building in a pictoresque township which once was my ' home' for 14 months, called Woudrichem. We had a ball. Pa was ( once again) kidnapped and whisked off and let us surprise him for the next 24 hours, and surprise him we did. Topping it off with a dinner on the second day pa returned home tired, pleased and lost for words. It is such a treat to spoil that man. Happy with little - overjoyed with everything that comes his way. I sometimes wonder who gets the biggest thrill.

Daily in my thoughts, my parents live on in my memory. On trips like this I miss them soooo much. I would like to think that I did my utmost for them while they made up part of my life. Reflecting back, there are so many loving memories of times spent together, I am sure that they too enjoyed our special moments.

Honour your father and your mother - a commandment many strive to meet, others fail to understand. It isn't only in what you do for them, also what you do with them and because of who they are.

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