Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Renewing a friendship

" We have the ability and possibility to
allow all things (talents) to grow and be fruitful."
A message on the back of the card from Pieter.
Oh dear, snuck in again... a relapse! Why didn't I write something yesterday? No idea.

I had a really special day yesterday. Actually all days are special. Some pass more anonimously than others. That doesn't make them less special.

Last week I received an unexpected invite to have a 'catch up' visit with a very special person. After the first 2 years back home in the Netherlands, when life really took shape, I had a huge ' dip' to climb out of.

All of a sudden I became overwhelmed by emotions and fears that, although real to me, were actually unfounded. Only I needed help to see that, and get through it. That help was given to me by Pieter Megens. A life coach. What a tremendous support. What a great sense of humour, reality moments and wisdom. It was like landing in a warm bath. I felt so incredible listened to and 'rescued and restored'.

Anyway, Pieter and I go back a ways now and every so often we are in touch. The past 2 years have been heavy for him - and his wife, as she is slowly climbing out of a cancer cycle with the added burden of new hips etc. Yes, even 'life coaches' need life coaches occasionally.

Pieter's boot
Pieter and I vowed we would stay friends because we know too much about each other to become enemies. That would be too dangerous :-) ! Every now and then either he or I would drop a line... nothing mayor just letting the other know we were still around, and that is exactly what happened last week.

Yesterday I went to see Pieter on his boat he single handedly built the interior of. Great craftsmanship - he even surprised himself ( his words). And what made the visit so special was that Pieter didn't just 'dig' into my brain - he did listen after asking me to unravel the past few months - then he also shared his story. Like friends do.

After copious cups of coffee, laughter and frowns, sunshine and lots of wind we parted company with a promise of a trip next time. We hadn't really allowed enough time for that now plus the wind's strength wasn't very favourable. Good for yachties, not for this sloop.

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