Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Let your inner sun shine...

Upon awakening I started thinking about the day and how I was to fill it so it would be put to good use. Not wasted away into nothingness.

Yesterday a cousin rang, he wanted to know if I had heard anymore news regarding our uncle Wim. After a short update he proceeded to fill me in on his plans for his trip to NZ on the 24th of June.

Oh how my heart skipped a beat. I had had the chance to go as well. I didn't take it because I had commitments ( or so I thought) to a business contact and my business venture. A missed opportunity both business wise and to see my children once again.

The price tag on the ticket was 890 euro. No use crying over spilt milk - get on with the job of spending the day in a positive manor. My kids are as close as the phone, iPad with Skype or even closer, in my heart!!

On Facebook I read a message from someone who is cheesed off because it is raining ( again). She mentioned one could get pretty depressed due to the weather. I thought, that's sad. So I placed a positive message back saying " I planted some plants yesterday, they are being watered today!"

I had a nickname in the family - the eternal optimist - and they didn't mean to flatter me with this, they were actually quite narked I am "sunny side up". These days I don't get upset when I get " branded"  in this way. It makes me smile 'cos the sun shines more on me than on those with dismal dark thoughts.

I do believe that we are influenced by those around us. That also means we can influence others. A smile on a dull day, a compliment, a helping hand, a cup of coffee shared, a listening ear. A positive message on a message board. That is what makes the sun shine...............

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