Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday, a day of rest

Today, Sunday, a day of rest. And rest I did. Sure I pottered around a wee bit. I also visited ma.  Ma Netten,  a special relationship.

My husband's first wife died at the age of 45 as a result of her battle with cancer. Her mum and I enjoy a good and respectful relationship together. She is now my mother -in-law.

Ma was a professional sewer. She worked for a local fashion house. Any clothing alteration necessary is therefor in good hands, should you call in her expertise. And I has cause to aske her for help with my full length cape. She had inserted, and very professionally too I might add, arm openings in my cape. I found it really irritating when I wore my cloak and I wanted to have a coffee or hold onto something that I had to "part"  the cloak and subsequently would get cold. Now I have " sleeve holes"  and can stay warm.

We chatted about all sorts of topics and drank two cups of coffee. A Sunday can be a long lonely day for her at times as she has been widowed for quite some years now. A visit is always appreciated and looked forward to.

Leen went to Dordrecht. Every two years there is a " steam weekend". The focus on all steam driven machinery. Boats, trains, cars, tractors - you name it. Appears to be the most intense and broad event of it's type in all northern hemisphere. It attracts people from all over Europe and wider. Why I didn't go...the weather killed it for me. I go for the fun of it and couldn't see the fun of getting rained on, blown about and chilled to the bone ( only 9 degrees today) so I elected to stay home.

Around 4pm I decided I wanted to wallow in a warm bath, taking a glass of port and small bowl of nuts with me.... needless to say my drowsy state ensured I dozed off waking only when Leen came home. Seeing we had invited a friend ( Merie) to tea I shot out of the bath and proceeded to cook dinner,

We had a lovely mellow sort of evening. Merie bringing with her a birthday gift for me - so sweet and thoughtful. It is still pretty chilly out. I have had the central heating on all day and now also switched the electric blanket on. I am quite a positive thinker really - though the thought of this being a foreboding of what is to come....Bbbrrr!

Anyway, I hate to sound boring: but once again, I am pleased with today and all it brought me. I'm off to bed feeling very pleasantly satisfied with today!!

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