Friday, 15 June 2012

Rain or shine, it's just fine!

I woke up this morning and like a past 3 mornings, it was dry outside. My first thought...oh good, I'll hang out the washing as soon as I have read the paper.

Yes well, famous last thoughts. It is in the dryer as I type. It has rained for most of the day. It set me to thinking. How 'lost' we can become if our day doesn't take shape or unfold as we imagine it ought.

Now I am a flexible type...have always got an inside and outside list of things to do. But I do know there are those who haven't got such an easy to get at reset button. What happens to those people? Do they dive back into bed, throw up their arms in the air with desperation in their eyes? Flake out on the couch? Mmmm. How do they cope?

I picked up pa (my father- in- law) and we did the grocery shopping for our family day. It's the 32nd gathering of it's kind this year. Next Wednesday is tagged to hold this special event. Every year on the third Wednesday of June. Rain or no rain, blistering sun or not..... No-one needs to push any buttons. We just forge on regardless and relentlessly. So amazing, so many layers of family ( 4 generations).

After returning him home, I met up with my cousin René. He is off to NZ next weekend (24th) for 4 weeks. We had planned to sit outside on the terrace along the river.... But flexi cuzzies that we are, we sat inside, behind glass along the river. Two cappuccinos followed by two wines later we parted company. It was dry. The clouds had managed to lift their spirits as we had, and gave the impression that we could expect less water from above. For the time being anyway.

Did it matter it rained...? No not one iota. The washing is dry, the chores got done and I had one of the sunniest days for a long time and didn't need sunblock!

Happy days, wet or fine, dull or with sunshine.

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